Leave a Legacy

Leave a Legacy

One of our greatest opportunities in life is to leave a legacy. Whether you are 32 or 62, it’s never too early to start planning.

The Robin Hood Foundation exists to provide financial support to the Robin Hood Association, and can help you achieve your philanthropic goals. By applying sound investment principles to charitable giving, the Robin Hood Foundation can ensure that your dollars have the greatest impact in transforming the lives of people with disabilities. Regardless of your age or current income, there are several ways to give, including bequests, life insurance, trust arrangements and/or a direct gift.


Should you choose to include the Robin Hood Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, the Foundation can assist you by providing examples of “will clauses” for your bequest. This method of giving allows you the flexibility to choose what you want to give.

Life Insurance

A donor may wish to make a charitable gift of an asset (ie. home or property) to the Robin Hood Foundation now or at death. The donor sets up special insurance coverage in a similar amount to the fair market value of the estate that is being given to the charity. Upon death of the donor, heirs receive tax-free proceeds of the insurance coverage in lieu of the asset donated to the charity.

Charitable Trusts

You can transfer an asset, such as real estate, artwork or jewelry or other similar assets to the Robin Hood Foundation now, and retain an interest for life in the asset. You have the use and enjoyment of the asset during your lifetime and you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the present value of the asset.

Use of Retirement Funds

If you are enrolled in an RRSP/RRIF or other comparable program, you can make a charitable gift of all or a portion of any funds remaining in that registered retirement vehicle at death.

Direct Gifts

One of the simplest ways to give to the Robin Hood Foundation is through a direct gift. Whether your gift is cash or other assets, you will receive an income tax receipt for your generosity.

For more information on how to Leave a Legacy, please contact us.

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