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All-In Music vol 1 (2016)
Music is universal. Everyone is affected by its power and everyone deserves the opportunity to express themselves through its creation. Ideally, the only requirement is desire. All-In Music (AIM) is an inclusive collaboration between adults with developmental disabilities and professional musicians. Its objective is to turn desire into expression. 

In this project, musical individuals and groups supported by Robin Hood Association in Sherwood Park, Canada have worked together with 14 professional musicians from the Edmonton region in the creation and recording of original music. Musicians from the Robin Hood community have participated in all aspects of the project - from composition to performance to artwork - sharing in decision-making throughout. The music creation and recording process was carried out over a one-year period, beginning in September 2014.

Compositions were rehearsed and professionally recorded at The Audio Department. The project was funded by grants from the Edmonton Arts Council, Edmonton Community Foundation and Field Law Community Fund. 

Members of the Robin Hood community participating in AIM have experienced music like never before. Emphasizing their musical ideas and their own words, the opportunity to create and record original music has been a significant means of self-expression and source of pride for the individuals involved. The experience has been equally enriching and rewarding for the professional musicians who have been afforded the chance to collaborate with persons with developmental disabilities. Inclusive collaboration has broken down barriers, and both groups have learned much from their project partners. 

On behalf of everyone involved in All-In Music, I hope that listening to our album brings you as much joy as creating it brought us.

Mark Davis, Producer

Stream or download All-In Music vol 1 at our Bandcamp page


Robin Hood Ensemble - New Day Dawning (2010)
This recording project is the result of a collaboration between participants in the songwriting, singing and basic rhythms classes at the Robin Hood Centre for Learning. The songs we present to you were written at various times through the last three years. The songwriting process was a cooperative one wherein groups of individuals discussed a variety of styles and themes, and with the guidance of an instructor, organized their ideas into cohesive songs. Decisions about words, chords, keys, rhythms and structures were made collectively.

With so many talented and passionate individuals participating in our music program it made sense to attempt to record our songs. When the idea was pitched to our C.E.O. and Board of Directors, enthusiastic approval was unanimous and immediate.

Rehearsals took place over a period of three months. All participants took the project very seriously and many practiced very diligently. Their excitement was infectious and their pride was palpable; these qualities shine through in the final product. Each individual involved can hold his or her head high and tell the world "I am a musician"."

Mark Davis, Arts Instructor and Project Coordinator


Video: The Making of an Album (New Day Dawning, 2010)

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